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Dude so true! The life of a comic book illustrator XD Nice work Harry!

TD-Bare Basics TD-Bare Basics

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Omg dude!!! This is so true about art college!! Especially in my freshman year!!! Great video man!

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Tone Deaf Tone Deaf

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Lol so funny and cute!!! Reminds me a bit of myself (little girl)! Also so cool to see a fellow Ringling students work on NewGrounds!! Great job!

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Punch The Trump Punch The Trump

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Even though I'm a Trump supporter I found this to be hilarious and entertaining XD
I wish there we more weapon options though! XP

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The Hydra The Hydra

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Hmm… Well to give you helpful criticism I'll start off by saying that the color purple you've chosen collides and distracts from the beautiful colors of the character, blood, and spear in your piece.

Assuming it's digital, I would take the color back to 30% opacity or use these color codes if you can; ad6dab or a469a9. If neither one of those works just keep messing around with the vibrance and opacity of the color purple until you get a cool color to compliment the warm colors in everything else. A good thing to do is squint while doing this so that way you can find out what works and what doesn't. ^u^

Don't mean to sound like a teacher. >///< Either way it's a pretty sweet composition! I hope this helps a little!

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RyanStorm responds:

haha it's no problem, thanks for the critique!
As for the background, I agree, I was having a lot of trouble with it when I got to that point in the piece and I think it suffered because of it. Also it seems to be what people have brought up the most in the critiques lol
Imma go try what you suggested now!

Mirai, ruiner of cake Mirai, ruiner of cake

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Lol Ryan! Dat ass XD This is great!

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